Paul Daniel Denz was born in Southern California. He moved to the Bay Area in 1992 after meeting his wife of 22 years. Paul is the amazing father of two sons, age 19 and 12. Paul has always dreamed of using his God given talent to create art for a living. Paul has a unique combination of extreme creativity matched with an eye for fine detail. Every project gets hours of painstaking attention, from planning to completion. Paul's ability allows him to take a wide range of assignments from a small floral painting to entire room murals to motorcycle and auto graphics. If you can imagine it, chances are pretty good Paul can paint it. He doesn't take all the credit himself, he knows his gift comes from the giver of all things; Jesus Christ. His work ethic and philosophy is based on this verse in Colossians: "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not men".

Desciple Designs was Paul's first business from 2006-2008. Due to a tough economy he had to put his dream on hold and return to the traditional workforce. We are pleased to announce full time return to Artistry and Painting with Paul Denz Designs.